HOOT! You are so coyly!

- Do you have many differents kind of denominations in your wallet?
- No i have merely dimes.
- Okey. May be Tom has. He’s commig this way.
- Yes he does. Look att his fedora! I love it he looks like an old school gangster!
- Yes really. He really discourages me from meeting him in a dark alley.
- I would love to meet him anywhere! I love him so much. He is so elaborate and kind. If someone would need it he wouldn’t doubt a second to lend them a grand.
Tom comes up to them.
- Hey! Did you here about last nigth! Someone broke in to my house!
- What!
- Yes and the get awat with a really big loot also! They stole all my Rolex watches!
- Oh my good!!!! I hope that criminal will be judged and become a lifer! Thats what he deserves!
- Don’t you think that you overreact a bit?
- So avidly you are to defend them.
- Stop arguing girls! Do you want to see my new car instead? The switchboard are so cool! It’s reallt not the old normal stock model.
- Yes!
- Okey, let’s roll bitches!

- Whatch out for the kerb!
- Yes of  course i do! I’m not an amateur!
- Hoot!

- Finally here! Ohh i love this skirt I will go and try it in the booth over there!
- Okey. Tom said and yawned. Leia started to snicker.
- Amber has a really lush figure but she is so stupid and only intrested in clothes!
- Yes I think you hit the dead center there. She is always so coyly around you.
- Yes and she lives in a tentement!

HAHA XD Så kan det se ut när jag ska lära mig engelska glosor x)

Ingen idé att läsa för det är bara fullt med en massa dålig gramamtik och säkert falanvända ord xD Men ni kan ju kankse få lite insperation hur det kan bli lite roligare att lära sig glosorna i alal fall :P För mankomemr i håg dem bättre efteråt jag lovar ;)

May the force be with you!

/ AnnA


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